What is drug addiction

Does your teenager grunts when you try to engage in conversation? Do you suspect your teen is using drugs? Here we look at some signs and find out what you can do.

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What is Addiction? The Science of Drug Abuse Infographic  http://www.alternativesintreatment.com/infographics/infographic-the-science-of-addiction/

What is Addiction? The Science of Drug Abuse. Alcoholism and Drug Addiction are complex diseases. How does addiction work? More importantly, how do you get recovered?

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If you've struggled with your drinking in any capacity, questioned your  relationship with alcohol, are questioning your relationship with alcohol,  or are wondering if you should quit or may have to quit, you will  understand what I'm about to say all too well: it's fucking terrifying.  To be sure, it is NOT the things that happen on the other side of quitting  drinking that are the hardest obstacles to overcome. The biggest roadblock  between anyone and sobriety is the decision to attempt…

Afraid To Quit Drinking? 3 Common Fears and How To Move Past Them.

So sad what had happened NEVER try drugs it will tear your life apart Repost this if you are against drugs or feel bad for these people

She Lost Her Brother To An Overdose But What She Wrote In Her School Assignment Is Heartbreaking.