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Through yoga I am learning what it truly means to be imperfectly perfect. I knew the words and understood the meaning but it's a whole other world when you live it first hand. Everybody and every body is so different. I've realized that nothing is perfect, no one is perfect, and perfection is really just an idea. It's not real. I think It's the flaws that make us beautiful and relatable. It's what truly attracts (the right) people to us. It's through sharing my struggles and vulnerability…

rainbowinacloud: “I think what is interesting in life is all the cracks and all the flaws and all the moments that are not perfect.”


Then I saw her. The #Wasserman the #Aquarian on the corner. I am starting to tell people more openly that I am (among my other professions) an #astrologer. I have been studying it for 20 years both self taught and formally. Lately I have been taking clients on a paid basis with much success. Before I did hundreds of charts for free as practice. But what I find now is that the payment focuses the client and commits us both at a way more productive level and the #breakthroughs I see are…

Clemence Poésy “I think what is interesting in life is all the cracks and all the flaws and all the moments that are not perfect.”

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What Genre of Book Should You Write?

What is one of your flaws?

I get asked a lot what the one message I want to send to people everywhere who hate their bodies is. The answer is that I want them to know that this isn't their fault. How you feel about your body isn't your fault. You didn't ask to live in a world that profits from our insecurities. You didn't sign up to seeing thousands of images everyday of photoshopped, unattainable bodies that make your own seem so flawed. You didn't request to be bombarded with die...

When your frame of reference is flawed/Supporting someone who's being abused. This is the pervers cycle of abuse system. The honeymoon is there only to control you more And to melt your mental so you don't know any more How to react. Is he/she à good person or not ? Is What I feel right or wrong ? And slowly, you loose your instinct... Take care of your first feeling... Nobody has the right to hurt you, even more à membre of your family.

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Why Trump’s new club of economic advisers won’t improve his policies

There are numerous areas in which businessmen may have flawed intuition about what is desirable for the economy

think for a second, we all hide weaknesses, flaws, wounds. Now, think of this person you think looks really confident, inside they don't feel so confident. So what is the difference? They probably don't care or worry that much about what other people say, this is how you start loving yourself and enjoying life better.


Success can mean: feeling that tingle of excitement about what you do, sticking with what matters through hard times, living a life you can feel proud of in retrospect. These talks say it all.