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I love him, because we're simple. He makes me happy. But what we have is a great love, it's complicated, intense, all consuming. No matter what we do and how much we fight... It'll always pull us right back in.

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Destiny... I believe that LOSERS and winners both are free to choose what they are MAKING. And that is not stupid.

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“Did you hear what happened with the Fredricksons? I suspected something was going on, but I never imagined it was this bad.” Gossip is ...

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That Gossip Line Is So True. I Want Nothing To Do With Gossiping But That's Pretty Much What Everyone Does.

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Ed Westwick, so perfect, so in love with his character Chuck Bass in GG

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Not very religious, but I've noticed myself talking about others, especially when around those who gossip about others!!! Not cool. RJV

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this should stop gossip in it's tracks....IF you follow it! All you need to do is look at K, and that will tell you.

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