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We've had fan requests to play through the pre-written campaigns before, and while we thought it might be a while before we streamed one, things change. After the main party's TPK, Ted has decided to design a whole homebrew campaign, while he works on that however, Sean is going to be running Out of the Abyss! So here is episode #1! Come meet the new characters and see what comes of them as they are all captured by drow and trapped in the Underdark! Interested in cat


3A sanitary pumps are out of reach to homebrewers. Their price is at least an order of magnitude higher than what most of us are able and willing to spend. Recently, some brew-it-yourself-ers who are interested in sanitary design, but not so much the associated costs, have been modifying affordable food grade stainless steel pumps to be mostly sanitary. I am now amongst…

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What is a Specialty Beer? 5 Specialty Beer Homebrew Recipes.

What is Specialty Beer? These five homebrew recipes are good examples! | E. C. Kraus #Homebrewing Blog


When to brew which beer. What is your favorite to brew at home? "The Marketplace for Adults with Taste!" @LiquorListcom #liquorlist