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What Is In Eggnog

from Cooking With Ruthie

Egg Nog Bundt Cake with Egg Nog Frosting

Egg Nog Bundt Cake with Egg Nog Frosting is melt-in-your-mouth amazing! by #recipes #dessert #holidays

from Ashlee Marie

Homemade Eggnog Recipe and Video

it is so easy to make your eggnog from scratch, it tastes great, has a beautiful texture and color and you can tweak it so it is just right for how you like it

from Beyond Frosting

Ultimate Eggnog Poke Cake

Ultimate Eggnog Poke Cake. Spiked rum and eggnog cake soaked in eggnog and topped with an eggnog pudding. Topped with whipped cream.


Ponche crema venezolano

Ponche Crema | My favorite drink around the holidays has always been Ponche Crema. This is what we call Eggnog in Venezuela and it tastes very similar but not exactly the same. I think every country has it's version of Ponche Crema too, they are all similar and there are many many recipes for this simple drink. | From:

from The Crumby Cupcake

Spiced Chocolate Eggnog Cake

The richest, most non-traditional way to serve eggnog! This Spiced Chocolate Eggnog Cake is infused with the holiday drink and then covered in the creamiest eggnog buttercream you'll ever eat.


"I just think it'd be nice to spend Christmas together." "Well I don't, I mean we're on a case, and Christmas is always a bad time in my family-" "OUR family, Dean." "Annie, look-" "No, here's what's going to happen. You and Sam are going to wrap up your case, drag your asses straight back to Bobby's and drink some damn eggnog with Bobby, Adam, and I. Or I'll start a hunt for the two of you. Ok bye, Merry Christmas big bro!"