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10 Quality Traits All Introverts Have, Even If They Don’t Know It

I never realized how much of an introvert I really am until recently. When I read descriptions like these, I can't believe how well I relate. It's like someone opened my brain and took incredible notes of what they saw!


Why is it so wrong for an introvert to point out loud someone is? Come on, everyone has experienced a Noisy Extrovert Motor-Mouth. - Hey there excuse me but could you: (1. Lower your talking volume, I can hear you from the other side of the room! (2. Stop talking for long enough, allow me to speak up & share in the conversation!… When I do speak up, you've gotta hush up. Please. And thank you.


Our deep conversations paired with silly ones. Deep belly laughs. To quote you " I've dated three women and I can tell you... what we have is like no other". Now i feel like you're settling. You accused me of "needing companionship". And can't be on own. Bullshit. Pot calling kettle black.


Sometimes we have to stop being scared and just go for it. Either it'll work or it won't. That is life. Alex Elle via (


You cannot make everyone think and feel as deeply as you do. This is your tragedy, because you understand them, but they do not understand you. #INFP


That too. But I do ask about job (I want to know what you love and hate about it, how it does or doesn't fit you, what you'd change, where'd you'd rather be...) and asking about $ (salary, house payment etc) is because I think about being on my own and what that might cost.