Be your best self in spite of what others do or say. Take the high road and be above the bullshit

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JEALOUS FRIEND| Quotes & Thoughts by ReTina Broussard @ReTinaReIgnites @ReIgniteALife LIKE. SHARE. FOLLOW.

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no matter who it is or what is said don't worry because I will still come to you at before anything, you are always my first choice

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I fucking love this!!! So sick and tired of bitches these days always playing the damn victim... fucking annoying!!!

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Considering most of your hate (really fear, jealousy and guilt) for me, is projected hatred of yourself (which is completely merited, by the way) I could care fucking less why you justify what you did.

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Wondering what's the big deal with her best friend’s behavior towards her and the relationship

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Jealous for what you shouldn't be jealous if they give you no reason to be you know what's yours is yours and what's not it's not

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