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What Is Leg Day

Best Leg Day Ever Thanksgiving | Usually, you dread leg days. Thanksgiving is what is also known as the best leg day ever. You love working on those legs at the dinner table. You will definitely feel it tomorrow, but that is the price to pay if you are looking for gains!

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What I’ve Planned For My Birthday Is Leg Day


According to most bodybuilders the day after Thanksgiving is a great day to train legs. So obviously that's what I did. Not because I "had to workout to use the extra food" but because I was excited to see how the extra food would help my workouts. And boy was it awesome! Today I did 6 sets of squats ending with a PR of 115lbs for 3 reps. To many this isn't a lot of weight but to me this was awesome. (For reference I'm 5ft and 128lbs). Also added laying hamstring curls leg press single-leg…

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Paige Verdugo Legging brown velvet

Paige Verdugo Legging brown velvet I am selling a pair of page Verdugo legging in a yummy brown velvet...what a great find/feel for these up-and-coming cooler days..: warm and fuzzy... add a little sass and sexy too.. there is a place as in the second picture on the right leg where the velvet is worn off.. other than that these are going to be an all-time favorite in your closet...rise 7 1/2" inseam 30" Paige Verdugo leggings Jeans Skinny

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Sweet Potato Fries

Leg Day Workout


Yummy Leg Day | When you workout show what you'd rather be doing with a funny anti-fitness design. Today is leg day. And I'm talking about chicken legs. YUM!

Day 2 of #EvenMorePinchaPlease is what we're calling Puppy Legs: half straddle/ half bent knee out to side like you're happy to see a fire hydrant. 🐶😂 This is the shape you'd make as you're puppy pressing into an inversion! I recommend trying your best at holding a straddle split in your pincha, and then bending one knee in. I challenged myself to keep the straight leg open out to the side as wide as possible while trying to bring the bent knee down towards my chest & keeping that hip…

It sure is! #BodyBeast leg day today!! ig @mmelendez720 twitter @groupfitfun


now if this isn't an inspiration for leg day then idk what is.

It's amazing what the body is capable of. Didn't have the best day, came to my mat. First time ever attempting this pose and was amazed that I was capable! One day the front leg will be extended out for half splits!