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Here is a list of what to eat and what to avoid when following a “clean eating” lifestyle Source:

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What is a sattvic lifestyle?

In Ayurveda, there are three states of nature. All of these are important and we move through them all the time. These states are called rajas, tamas and sattva. Ayurveda calls them gunas. Tamas Th…


5 Topics That Never be Bored And Will Not be Ever. 1- Lifestyle What is lifestyle? Wearing makeup all the time wearing fancy clothe having expensive jewelry or going out for hoteling. We cannot say anything like that because lifestyle is something which simply according to the oxford dictionary lifestyle is the way in which

What is your lifestyle?


Ever wonder why you experience déjà vu? These 3 theories may explain the mysterious phenomenon:

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What is Simple Living

The Path to a Modest Lifestyle Sidebar


What does a digital nomad mean? How to get a digital nomad lifestyle. Digital nomads in Chiang Mai. How to become a digital nomad. What is a digital nomad

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On the urge to unplug. What is the true cost of our "always on" digital lifestyle?

Designer Felipe Luchi created these three images for the magazine Outside to show the depressing power we sometimes let the technological advances of the digital age have over us... (Click the images to enlarge them. Look for each prison's tiny escapee...