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WHAT IS MY HUMOR ( Band: Panic! at the Disco )

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Haha! But that is me whenever I'm around two of my friends that are dating and they start flirting with each other. I'm just like: Ooooh what's this random thing here?

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Wait what?!!!!! <<< I noticed it when I was watching it and thought she would continue with: "Because they're bored, Sherlock"

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This is how this situation went down: Tyler: I want the king Everyone: Ty, that's not really fair... Tyler: But I'm the lead singer. Everyone: No, Tyler, that's still not- Tyler: Lead singer. Therefore, I get and do what I want.

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oh my god. anyone know what the name of the video is?

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When she saw Remus lying on the floor right next to Tonks, she fell on her knees and whispered “Tell them I miss them Mr. Lupin, give them a hug for me” No one heard. She was the first to scream when Hagrid came back with Harry’s body. No, no, not again, please no. She was the first to reach to her wand to fight, when there was nothing left to do. Because she was a fighter, that was what she did best.

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The FEMA X code marking system has been incredibly successful since it was widely used in Hurricane Katrina. It’s been adopted by most agencies and departments across the united states so you’ll be sure to see these post disaster. Unfortunately, there is no universally accepted list of abbreviations so you’ll have to use your brain and think about what you’re seeing as it may not be immediately obvious.

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LAYLA - A1101183 - - Manhattan TO BE DESTROYED 01/13/17 A volunteer writes: Up front in her kennel, tail wagging gently, Layla is leashed easily and out we go. Her leash manners are lovely, she potties the moment we’re out the door, I put a coat on her and off we go to the park. Wagging her tail as we walk, we chat about the cold, the park, her favorite treats and what her favorite TV show is. No surprise — it’s Pit Bulls and Parolees!! She’s an av

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Harry "ptsd" potter could probably use some inpatient treatment after all that anyway

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No one wins the games there are only survivors ❤️ our girl on fire survived and our boy with the bread this is my edit for the the edit contest of @the_hunger_games_images ☺️ Question: what language do you speak? I speak Dutch ❤️ what do you think of my edit? please comment ☺️

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