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Is a Creepypasta OC? by DeluCat on @DeviantArt Oh my god, this is so true, but I get pissed when people randomly slap an operator symbol on their oc and be like "CREEPYPASTA SYMBOL. LOL." It's like, "NO, YOU UNCULTURED MUFFIN HAT, THATS THE OPERATOR SYMBOL FROM MARBLE HORNETS, DAMMIT. IT DOESNT EXTEND OVER ALL THE FANDOM, JEGUS."

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911 operator dispatch

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911 Operator Thought It’s A Prank Call. But His Quick Thinking Saved A Life.

At First She Thought It Was A Prank Call. But Her Quick Thinking Saved A Life. This is Genius.

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Nederland, Zuid-Holland, Zwijndrecht, 15-07-2012; Kijfhoek, rangeerterrein voor goederentreinen. Overzicht van de verdeelsporen (richting Barendrecht). Kijfhoek huisvest Keyrail, exploitant Betuweroute en is in beheer bij ProRail. De Betuweroute, die What web site they have visited with their mobile? Track the Phone with SpyPhone:

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The next new thing. Before this, you picked up the phone and a real live operator answered: "Number, please."

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SuperWhoLock Sam Winchester becomes a 911 operator. He has a vision of Sherlock and John at the Fall. The Doctor is talking with his manager and over hears what is happening...

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The 75 Best Dressed Men of All Time

When I hear the phrase "Clothes make the man", I believe this is what they were referring to. Nobody does a wool overcoat like Cary. Especially with those shoulders. Mmm, mmm! However, one could also argue that this man wears "nothing" pretty well too...

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Delicious Strawberry Banana Protein Shake Recipe!

Easy Breakfast Smoothie ( I prefer to use frozen spinach cubes and skip the ice cubes...also I prefer coconut milk as it does not alter the flavour of the fruit.

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