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WEBSTA @ mspaigexo - ✨ 2017 #NewBeginnings

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When we live in harmony with God, there is a peace that transcends time and space and circumstance and to-do-lists. To depart from that Shalom, in any form, was what the Ancient Hebrews considered sin to be.

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Appreciation of what is brings more to appreciate. I appreciate the love, joy, beauty and peace that is all around me.

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Practice and be what you integrity

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Divergent funny....... This is going to be the funniest scene when the make the movie...., this better be in the movie!!!!!!!

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She is soooo right! ISIS is doing exactly what the Quran says!

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What you allow is what will continue. Follow @Love_and_Light_Coaching on Instagram ----------------- You are a survivor! Join my exclusive Healing Group Membership on Facebook (A Journey of Healing) to learn how to make peace with your past and plans for your future. Every member is screened and vetted for privacy and safety.

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Seriously. Not only is it Unpresidential and Embarrassing but his Big Mouth may do more damage than we can imagine. He's such an Grade A Ass!!

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What is a disciple? Are you one? Check out these 7 distinctives of discipleship from Laurie Cole's new biblestudy "Are You A Disciple?" find out more :

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Wild (Instagram @the_lane)

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