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Well said,as what we have in life is only a loan,without Christ we are ships without compass

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Making yourself a priority is not selfish it's an act of self-love. When you are real and honest it may piss some people off but frankly that's their problem. Getting to know yourself and learning to trust your intuition is so important. You learn what you can and should give to others and you also learn when to walk away.

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i looked at everyone and wondered where they came from, and who they missed, and what they were sorry for.

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Life is meant to live without rules..without expectations & especially without putting limitations for simply living & loving freely and for me it's Only by my own rules..that means I break every rule that's placed on me! I won't be chained, tied or restricted from being wildly free.. That my dear is ME being absolutely real!!

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Living Right Now: The True Meaning of Renunciation

Getting our priorities straight + leading a meaningful life.

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this is amazing. it should be a tradition everywhere if more people would care enough to pick up a damn book and get off their phones for once...

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Tell me what is real love. Right here. There is no truer love. God loves you. Good loves me.

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How is it Shailene Woodley was in one movie with guys that she acted as their love interests in another movie? Like, what?? Still love Divergent

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Starting January 1, my plan is to focus on Owl City, but I’m keeping the Adam Young portal active for moments of inspiration that move me to create new scores. I’ve already got a growing list of concepts and cannot wait to see what happens in the future. Thanks again for the incredible journey! Stay tuned. — Adam Young gif

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