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After discussing what a scientist is and what s/he does, students made their own 'foldable' scientist. Inside they wrote up a Tree Map (Thinking Maps) of what a scientist has, can, and use. (Follow link for more details)


UPDATED: I fixed the freebie so you should be able to download now! As most of y’all know, I LOVE me some science. This is how I introduce science in my classroom. We do this during the first two weeks of school. Of course, I am a little behind, ehem, in posting this. Forgiveness …

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Introduction to science - What is Science? What do Scientists Do?

This hands-on introduction to science guides students in understanding what science is and what scientists do. Three easy hands-on experiment/activities are


So, I've been busy getting my beginning of the year science units together. I start the year off in science the same way I start everything else off--by teaching routines and expectations! We start science on the very first day of school! Day 1: What is Science? I ask the...

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What is a Scientist Interactive Notebook

This "What is a Scientist" pack includes 5 different interactive activities for the primary grades. Included: -Cut/paste for a 5 flap foldable "What is a