FREEBIE! This set of 20 task cards is perfect for workstations. Students use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to complete the tables. Student response sheet is included with answer key.

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The Abacus: A History "Timeline of the Abacus" How did people keep track of numbers before pen and paper were widely available?How does addition and subtraction work if you don't have a handy written form for your numbers?Say you can't read or write, but you can count - how do you add, subtract, multiply, or divide large numbers?The answer to all these questions is . . . the abacus! What is an abacus?An abacus is a device used for addition and subtraction, and the related operations of…

Fruit Loops and Subtraction! If your students need a motivation for learning subtraction then this is what you need.

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Multiple Step Word Problems Freebie features a total of 16 multi-step word problems task cards, with examples from each set of my two-step and multi-step word problem resources. These word problems are a mix of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, all written using whole numbers.

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"Cups O' Gold" - Add or subtract ones and/or tens and explain your thinking. Supports learninng Common Core Standards: 1.NBT.3, 2.NBT.5 [KNP Task # T 5513.3]

Challenge your first and second grade math students with this FREE set of one dozen riddle cards for the numbers 1-120. This new set addresses early addition and subtraction, comparing numbers, place value, and basic coin knowledge, and is great as a supplement to 120 Riddles Set 1. What a fun way to review math vocabulary and skills while you also model inferring and drawing conclusions!

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Addition and Subtraction Word Problems Grouped by Problem Type is a year-long resource for problem solving. Total of 156 problems. Procedures (steps in solving a problem), models (which show the relationship between the numbers in the problem) and strategies for computation (such as count on, breaking part a number, etc.). Six different models(all based on inverted-v and bar models). | Teaching Math | Second Grade Math Education | Third Grade | Common Core Math Curriculum

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