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Cold or Flu?

You're feeling lousy, but do you simply have a cold? Or is it the flu? This guide can help you figure out what's causing your symptoms.


Guide to the Flu… what to Eat So…WHAT can you eat when you are fighting the flu/nausea/vomiting?? I was pretty sure that I had it down. Well…I learned today that I had it all wrong. I hear FLUIDS FLUIDS FLUIDS all the time. So…you would think water would be okay. WRONG!!! Water actually triggers vomiting. CLICK Image to Read More.


With the rise of antibiotic resistance, silver is making a comeback as a powerful broad-spectrum antimicrobial. Colloidal silver is generally considered safe to use, but it is important to be informed about what studies say with respect to its safety and effectiveness, and whether excessive use may harm us or the environment...

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The Truth About the Flu Vaccine Side Effects: Long Term Effect From Flu Shot

The Truth About the Flu Vaccine Side Effects: Long Term Effect From Flu Shot #flu #influenza

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Flu Fighter Chicken Noodle Soup

Flu Fighter Chicken Noodle Soup - This flavorful, hearty soup is packed with healthy and ingredients and tastes so delicious you'll want it even when you're not sick!


This is another that will stay with you long after you have read it. It takes place in a regular community like yours or mine during a bird flu pandemic and makes you question what you would do in this situation and what links you would go through to protect your family. I agree with the pinner who wrote this--This book is FANTASTIC!!


Cold vs. Flu Symptoms. A slight fever may accompany a cold. But if your temperature is 101.0 or higher, it could be the flu.


Most of us have had flu and suffered aches and pains all over our bodies and just wanted to sleep until it all goes away. Imagine feeling like that and professional not believing you... (Imagine it being the very worst flu, 10x worse, and no one believes you or knows what to do for you...Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain)