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Trump is Against Working Americans!! Likes Cheap, Undocumented, Non Union Workers. $7.50 hour is the Limit!!!

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How Reagan destroyed the Middle Class | Before Reagan, the very richest paid at least 74% of their income in taxes and CEOs took home just 30 times what their workers did. America's middle class was created. Reagan cut taxes on the richest down to 28%. He also gutted unions and now CEOs make 373 times more than workers. Now, the Middle Class is gone and there are 10 million "working poor."

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According to Scientists, This is The Most Relaxing Tune Ever Recorded

the most relaxing music ever created, according to scientists. would be great to have in a loop while getting a massage.

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an exceptional sixth plate clear glass ambrotype of a triple armed Union cavalry soldier. He is sporting his sword and what looks like two Colt revolvers. The image is pretty much mint and comes in a split leather case.

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The once happy family... But no matter what, family is forever and for always. —Lusamine, Lillie, and Gladion from Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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Why don't the republicans care about the country and its people? DT voters are being naïve about what we are all about to lose.

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Unions: Largest career training program outside the military. Union apprenticeships with industries etc. But the Tea Party says we don't need union any longer. Mainly they say that because the Koch Brothers etc. tell them what to say. Biddy Craft

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What do you mean "might have"? All baggers do is f**k up America and all Trump does is shovel sh*t!

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A Klan-backed misogynistic internet troll is going to deliver the next State of the Union. "President" Trump

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