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This quote is for those who have ever experienced unrequited love, or those who are in love with someone that they “shouldn’t” be. The line from the 1997 book, which was made into an Academy Award-winning film in 2005, is a no-frills selection of words that sums up the frustration of what it’s like to be in love with someone when all you want to do is stop the addiction.


Perfectly stated to capture the true essence of the reality endured by allowing oneself to believe the master of deception.


Yes it is hard. It's just headache every night. Even dreaming. Strange but good one last night where you came chasing after me then I turned to you noticing you coming. Other odd parts but that was shocking to me.


Maybe I'm different. I've come to believe that I feel heartache and pain deeper than most. I talk about unrequited love and others will say to walk away, be stronger, or just let it go. They try to remind me that I'm in control of my heart and mind. I've come to the conclusion that they have obviously never experienced the depth of love that lives within me.