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This is a really neat vector illustration which is probably for a book or something else. Or maybe a cover for some indie game. What ever it's for, the colors are really nice and so is the typography. The whole piece has a really great motion and feel to it.

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10 Free Vintage Style Illustrated Light Ray Vectors

This guy, Chris Spooner, is ALWAYS posting free graphics. I am just getting into using photoshop for ads and what not... he is awesome!

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Low Poly Studies - Breno Bitencourt Biggest sale of the season. Michael Kors Jet Set Scarf Large Grey///$61.99

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What is Inkscape? Inkscape is a free Vector Graphics Editor. And a vector is an image that is created with things like lines, instead of pixels,...

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This Is What "Harry Potter" Characters Would Have In Their Bags

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i chose this picture to explain semiotics because it shows signs that have meaning behind it. For example, the boy and girl sign usually distinguishes between what is for males and what is for females.

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