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You stealthily walk through the forest. I watch from the tree I perched myself in. Hunting was an easy game from all my experience. But I've never seen a human before. Especially in these parts of the Dark Lands. What is it doing here? It will scare away my Elk! It better not be one of those old folk stories that if you cut off a fairies wings it will give you forever luck! Because it isn't getting my wings! (Open RP) !!CREDIT PLS!!


Everyone has issue you never know what someone else is going through. Everyone is fighting there own battles and demons. So remember that before your quick to judge or point fingers.


"You're nothing to be afraid of; you're only a boy with a sword. You pretend to be king, but truly you are worth less than a beggar's brat, with about as much courage. So show me. Show me what they're all afraid of."