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What Is White Noise

What is white noise? What exactly produces the sound? What possible benefit can it have? Find out the answers and how it can help you and your family.

How Jealousy Works

Mindie Gang- This website talks about jealousy in teenagers and how its more common in low self-esteem teens and have extreme loneliness. They tend to worry that friendships are threatened by others, causing jealousy that can lead to aggressive behavior. It also describes other types of jealousy like between siblings. This describes why teen are jealous.

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36 Things Vinyl Collectors Love

Since the start of high school, I was slowly starting to listen to more indie and alternative music. I genuinely enjoy indie and alternative music, a lot of people are surprised that I would know and listen to this genre of music. But I do not like to limit myself to just one or two genres of music. Music is universal and each genre influences another. By listening to this genre of music, I felt compelled to defy the stereotypes placed upon me and be myself and be confident in my interests.

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"You try to tell her what to do, and all she does is stare at you. Her stare is louder than your voice because truth doesn't make a noise. Truth doesn't make a noise." -- The White Stripes

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Hey, Kool Thing, come here, sit down There's something I go to ask you. I just want to know, what are you gonna do for me? I mean, are you gonna liberate us girls From male white corporate oppression? Tell it like it is! --Kool Thing~Sonic Youth

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Best White Noise Machine for Babies

White noise is proven to help promote better sleep. There are so many white noise machines out there but what is the best?

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Help! We just moved in to an old hospital building and need soundproofing ideas Check out the full project So my boyfriend and I live in Denver and just moved into a beautiful loft apartment in what used to be a hospital. Think concrete and exposed brick with huge windows and high concrete slab ceilings with beams and exposed ductwork. The construction is all concrete and solid which is great. The large windows let in a lot of street noise which we were expecting and prepared for and were…

Edwin the Duck Interactive Toy

Edwin the Duck. What is he? Well, he's an app-connected duck that grows with your child from newborn on up. The Sleepy Time app is perfect for Baby at nighttime—white noise sounds, lullabies, night-light and timer? Yes, please! He's Bluetooth enabled so your little one can stream music and even watch movies. Plus, there are learning and playing apps so your kiddo can explore fun, educational games. Oh yeah, he can even go in the tub for a splash-filled bath time.

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needforcaffeine: If youre anything like me youre probably attached almost constantly to your computer or phone. Therefore here is a list of apps you may find useful for studying! Time Management Forest - grow a forest whilst you avoid procrastination. Pomodoro - pomodoro time management app Todoist - best to do list app around Time Tasker - keeps track quantifies time spent on different sites Stay Focused - keeps you on task Notetaking Evernote - a note-taking app keeping…

What Actually Causes ADHD?

Study shows that white noise actually increases dopamine levels in children with ADHD allowing for increased concentration. In children without ADHD or low dopamine levels, white noise would be distracting, having the opposite effect

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Photo by Maxime Riendeau an amazin wolf on attack!! Such and amazing picture

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WALL TEXTURE - What is art and what is your canvas? Paper / Skin / Street / Walls / Space / Experience:

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20 Toys & Products to Keep Your Baby Happy!

WHAT IS A MUNCH MITT? The "handiest" teether you'll ever buy! Textured, shaped silicone surface, secure adjustable strap, crinkle noise, black and white pattern & bright, colorful enhancements. Perfect for the car seat, stroller or tummy time! Suggested ages: 3-8 months.

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