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What Is White Noise

lots of people study best with sounds, while others may prefer white noise or just silence – it’s a trial and error of seeing what works best for you! this is an ultimate guide to study playlists and songs.

Dog unleashes fury on TV - CNET This dog will make you want to become a cord-cutter A home monitoring camera caught what happened when a dog named Lola played tug-of-war with a TV cord. 0:50 Close Drag Ever wonder what your pet does when youre not around? If youre a city dwelling pet owner youve probably set up or considered setting up a baby monitor/security camera to keep tabs on your furry friends when youre not around. And while most of the time it ends up being a collection…

UT gif - Papyrus and Sans white noise BUTTS FARTS & MORE FARTS ! (what is with this caption???)


Did I ever tell you that once I thought it would be funny to wear my Panic! At The Disco shirt to church group, (THIS IS GOSPEL) and my MIDDLE AGED SUBURBAN WHTE MOM CHURCH LEADER looks at me, says "nice shirt" and winks. WHAT


There are many people out there who will tell you that you can't. What you've got to do is turn around and say "watch me" - Jack White

from Good Night Sleep Tight

Best White Noise Machine for Babies

White noise is proven to help promote better sleep. There are so many white noise machines out there but what is the best?