Postal Service Ad For “Holiday Stamps” Doesn’t Mention Christmas . . . Includes Kwanzaa… | Weasel Zippers

War on Christianity Continues quietly. ~The new “holiday” stamps from the United States Postal Service, The Blaze reports today, do not include any Christmas stamps. The Postal Service is mailing out a brochure that says “Don't forget yo.

Kids talk about Kwanzaa. It celebrates their African heritage.

This video explains what Kwanzaa is.

Spiced Yam and Orange Cake with Brown Butter Rum Glaze   |    Afro-Brazilian cuisine   |    ©  |   Brazil, particularly Bahia, received the largest population of African slaves. Everything from cuisine, to religion and music was heavily influenced by the African culture brought by the African slaves.

Spiced Yam and Orange Cake with Brown Butter Rum Glaze by Emme Ribeiro of Food Samba

A great holiday pack that isn't overwhelming, but plenty of approaches to cover everything you need for Christmas, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Hanukkah and Las Posadas.

Holidays From Around the World Nonfiction Informational Text Unit

I made this holiday packet to focus on 5 main holidays during the winter season. I needed something that was fun, had meat and hit the standards an.