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When you need to study for a final/test, but don’t know what to do! Here are some ideas: • Make flashcards • Write a study-guide • Reread and highlight your notes from class • If available, look at power point slides from lectures • Make/find review...


How to Create an Exam Study Schedule (that actually works

hi friends! So today, I decided to show an in-depth look on how to create a study schedule. Creating a study schedule was one of my ways to ace your final exams. This is a 3 step guide and I do recommend doing all 3 steps, but you can also use just a couple of these steps and still be successful! 1 What do I have to study? My first step to making my exam schedule is figuring out what I actually have to study for each class and writing it into this broken down guide. This makes it very easy…


Posted a new free study guide for teachers to share with their intro biology students: What is Life? - The Charcteristics of Life


At the beginning of a clothes study, you might ask during large group time: “What do we know about clothes?” and then create a chart that records the children’s answers. A tip: Pause after you ask a question. Some children may need more time to process your words before they are ready to respond. Invite children who usually respond quickly to think quietly for a moment, too.


Don't Freak Over Finals #Infographic. This is everything: what to eat, how to study and even how to fall asleep faster during finals. Don't stress!



studywithmaggie: “ 13/02/2016 • A lot of you have been asking how I study and also what grades I’ve been getting. So here goes! I’ve listed some general points which I’m going to expand on in a series of ‘How to Study’ master posts. I’m studying in...


Uppercase planner September illustration~


Scraps of writing notes for characters, plots, and miscellaneous ideas have a way of building up into a mountain. Take a day to go through them and pare the ideas and notes down to what's still important and relevant. For more tips on decluttering and organizing your writing paraphernalia, check out the ebook Decluttering for Writers by clicking the pin!


During Buildings study, children worked together to decide what kind of buildings they wanted to include in their city. Every child drew a blueprint of his/her building and were encouraged to include the shape of the building, the color, and any other details i.e., windows, doors, etc., in the blueprints. Afterward, the class organized them into a city for families to walk through. This project allowed children to attend/engage in a project over time, and also encouraged them to work…


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