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When Are The Espys

Is Ironman Worth It?

When you bite off something like training for a full Ironman, you tend to have this fantasy in your head about how hard you're going to train and how strong and fast you'll be. You picture hearing the words, “You Are An IRONMAN!!” as you cross through the finish with this magical feeling of euphoria passing over you. The reality, however, is much less glamorous and fantastical. I can't even remember hearing those words at my first Ironman; I was in such state of exhaustion. You'll…


Pics Quotes

Thinking of you, that is why I wanted to share this little couple of joy, in beautiful colors, my Tomtits ❤️❤️, even when you feel sad, in too much pain, down and have enough of all that misery...than you look at these bright little birds and have to think: LIFE CAN BE BEAUTIFUL be continued, from Sis !


That guy I use to be, that guy that would pull out all the stops and go in to win. Knock em on their ass and when they get back up knock em down again. Hit them so hard so fast that they think they're going steady with pain. Life and assholes don't wear gloves, so the gloves are off and I'm in this to win.


Step by Step! : DIY Garden Steps and Stairs

concrete stairs yard | Concrete steps with brick toe (when front walkway needs replacing? So much less slippery than stained concrete!)


Peach Lemonade

Recipe for Peach Lemonade - I love lemonade when it gets warm out. With this refreshing twist...I may never go back to the concentrated stuff again!