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When Did Christmas Start

Shelf Elf I need to start collecting ideas! I keep seeing these all over pinterest and I feel like if my parents did this when I was a child I would have lost my mind and started crying because I would be like holy sh*t that doll is alive and is going to kill me


AGH yes!!! one kid ALWAYS did it, and he always did it wrong! then right when he finally gets it down, the concert comes up and he leaves for vacation. start all over again.


when my son started playing random christmas songs on his trumpet, I started banging the oven door. wife jumps out of her skin asking wth. son smiles and keeps playing. awesome dad moment.


10-minute Beer Bread Cinnamon Rolls

10-minute Beer Bread Cinnamon Rolls: Takes ten minutes to get these in your oven! It started years ago, when, for a brief moment, I was trying to be less weird and figure out if “normal” was my bag. For some reason, cinnamon rolls seems like something normal people did on Christmas. I grew up with…


Riding around at night to look at all the Christmas lights. My parents did that with me when I was little. Gonna start the tradition with Blakley this year! :)