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When Is Kiss Day

After a long day of going to random cities with Luke, we had a nice dinner with Mikey and Lukes families all together. I laughed around with Liz and Karen, while Bru clung to their new puppy like she was gonna kill it or something. I laughed when mikey took it from her strong grip, and Mikey smiled. " this is (enter name here), and he's a golden retriever." Mikey said. Like turned to me and kissed my cheek. "Now. Bru and I have news." Like said. I looked at him, lost. He smiled and nodded…


One time, when I was 14, my bestfriend and I were sleeping in a tent together and it was really late and he thought that I was asleep so he leaned over, kissed my forehead, and said "I love you". Tomorrow is our wedding day.

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The Ten Most Iconic Photos Of The 1940s

Contrary to popular opinion, the two in the picture were not lovers; the soldier was jubilantly planting kisses on women in Times Square Read more at


You know that look Aragorn gives Arwen in the Return of the King? After his coronation, right after the war is over and they can finally be together? Well.. I like to think that was their wedding. That they didn’t need vows. With Arwen’s nervous tears and Aragorn’s concern and delight from just being with her. Well. One day when I get married, I hope that someone looks at me in that way..


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Day 5: Favorite Kiss. Anna and Kristoff's! I love it when Kristoff is like, "I could. I mean, I'd like to. I - may I? We me? I mean, may we? Wait, what?" :P


I really enjoyed ours the other day & have thought about them over & over!! It is so exciting as we draw close to each other..anticipating that incredible, amazing kiss of yours!!! It is magical!!!! You truly are the best kisser ever!!!! I Love kissing YOU & I Love YOU!!!!!! I Do!!!!!!!!:-*:-*:-*:-*:-****