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Planting Garlic in the Fall: What You Need to Know

The great thing about growing garlic is, well, everything! It gets planted in the fall, after most of the harvest is done and garden chores are boiling down. This saves you time and stress in the Spring, when planting overtakes your everyday life.

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when to plant garlic

when to plant garlic

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The Trick of Knowing When to Harvest Garlic. (Tried this last year and lost my garlic experiment by waiting too long to "harvest" my 2 bulbs.)

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Companion Planting With Grapes

Although grapevines are hardy, they are a large time commitment for home gardeners, because it takes two to three years for the vines to start bearing fruit. The plants also require extensive pruning ...

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When And How To Harvest Garlic

When To Harvest Garlic | Gardening and Homesteading Guide by Pioneer Settler at

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How to Grow Garlic - From Planting to Harvest

How to Grow Garlic. Where do I Get Garlic to Plant in My Garden? Different Types of Garlic. How to Plant Garlic. How and When to Harvest Garlic.

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Learn how to plant, grow, and harvest garlic with this growing guide from The Old Farmer's Almanac.

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