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What to Prune When

Pruning is an important part of keeping your plants healthy, as there are many benefits to doing so. We’ll teach you when it is the best time to prune hydrangeas, roses, and many other flowers and trees.

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How to Get More Hydrangea Flowers

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Want to know HOW TO GROW HYDRANGEAS for beautiful blooms? Discover WHERE, WHEN & HOW to plant them + how to care for hydrangeas for healthy beautiful flowers. Learn how to prune, change the colour, fertilize & make cut hydrangea flowers last longer. Tips, photos + video tutorials to make it easy. Dig in! | The Micro Gardener

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When to Prune Different Kinds of Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas need pruning, to keep them flowering profusely. The real question is when to prune which type of hydrangea. Here's some help.

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All About Hydrangeas

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The Essential Guide to Pruning Plants All Year Long

Knowing exactly when to prune is an important step in keeping plants healthy. Use our seasonal guide to plan your gardening calendar.

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How to Prune a Hydrangea -->

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