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Where Did Potatoes Originate

from Tori Avey


Knowing the story behind the food – the ancient history, or the family history, or even the history of one particular ingredient – can infuse a dish with meaning ...


The Pierogi, (plural – Pierogis) Pierogies are the Polish form of a handmade dumpling, made of unleavened dough, stuffed with different variations of fillings. They originate from Poland, sometime in the 13th century. Traditionally they were considered peasant food, eventually gaining popularity and spread throughout all social classes including nobles. Although Pierogies are still an important part of Polish culture and cuisine today, they are very popular in other European cultures.


There are many types of fish soup which originate from different countries. But we think none of them is easier to make than this one. All you need is some fish onion carrots potatoes and parsley! Even if there are only a few ingredients we guarantee the taste is delicious! --------------------- Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest:

Guyanese Curry Chicken and Dhal Puri

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BeautyBug on

BeautyBug on Twitter: "The first non-dairy beverage to originate from veggies @Go_Veggemo Made with #pea protein, #tapioca and #potato #trynatural @SocialNature"

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Just tried this Non Dairy Beverage from Veggemo, thought you might like it too! 🌱It's the first non dairy beverage to originate from veggies 🌱Made with pea protein, tapioca and potato starch 🌱It's smooth and creamy so it's great in coffee and for baking ➡️Check out @socialnature to try natural products for free! • • • #go_veggemo #trynatural #socialnature #nondairy #vegan #trysomethingnew #coffee #baking #dairyfree #unsweetened @go_veggemo #productreview #gotitfree

from Great British Chefs

Potato dauphinoise

Potato dauphinoise is believed to originate from the Dauphiné region of France. Josh Eggleton's potato dauphinoise recipe is relatively straightforward but does involve leaving the dauphinoise to press overnight, so plan well ahead. You can serve dauphinoise with a range of meats, or just enjoy with a simple salad.

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Hillbilly Tomato Leaf Heirloom Tomato 25 Seed Pase Seeds

Hillbilly Tomatoes - Seeds from Terra Edibles - Late. A huge bi-colour (bright yellow with red marbling) potato-leaf tomato, good slicer. Rich sweet flavour. Said to originate from West Virginia.


The Great Potato Imposter - Meet the Diakon. Wonderful in soups, used as hash browns, chips, etc. 5g of carbs -- 2.3 of which are fiber -- in an entire cup of daikon.