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Where Is Ivory Coast

Taï National Park, Côte d'Ivoire - One of few remaining sections of the West African tropical forest, the park features a rich flora, including eleven species of monkeys.

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Yassa Chicken The chicken is marinated with lemon and mustard for hours before it been cooked. This sauce is popular all over West Africa, it can be found in Gambia, Guinea, Ivory coast ...

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Chocolate clafoutis with caramelised oranges

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Danse Obie dom bie , Aire Akan © Viviane fortaillier / unfpa-ci Photographie du livre "Arts au Féminin en Côte d'Ivoire" publié en 2009 par UNFPA-CI aux éditions du cherche midi Lauréate du festival du Zanzan, à Bondoukou, édition 2008

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