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Obama calls GOP focus on Benghazi a 'sideshow'

#Obama calls #Benghazi a 'sideshow'. 4 dead Americans is not a side show where I come from.


The hyper-exaggerated pose is strikingly angular. She looks both dangerous and relaxed. The dragon headdress is a really nice touch.


Bedouin tribe claims blood link to Barack Obama

The one thing that most people love about President Barack Obama is his ability to relate to a meager lifestyle. Description from I searched for this on

Obama campaign expands faith effort

Today's dose of humor: President Barack Obama's campaign is continuing its push for people of faith to cast a November ballot in their favor. On Monday they unveiled a "People of Faith for Obama" a new initiative to mobilize voters that included Web video of the president and a faith platform. "In a changing world, my commitment to religious liberty, is and always will be unwavering," he said.


President Barack Obama is an unshakable optimist. The outgoing commander in chief speaks candidly in a new interview with the New Yorker about the impact of Donald Trump's presidential win on his legacy sharing specifically how he talks to his daughters 18-year-old Malia and 15-year-old Sasha about what may come from this shocking election. MORE: Barack and Michelle Obama Open Up About Life After the White House "What I say to them is that people are complicated" he shares. "Societies and…

Now that a woman has lost part of her arm & 2 cardiac arrests resulted from concussion grenades & water cannons by the police there to 'protect & serve' big oil. Where IS Obama?


"Where's the outrage? This is the Muslim Brotherhood that the Obama Administration stood behind and supported?" In Egypt, this man was crucified because he converted from Islam to Christianity as a result of the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law. by natalie-w

Where is Obama from? We all have asked that question before the election. Many people, including his grandmother, have claimed that he was born in Kenya. Time and time again there have been people, including his family members who have come out and tell the truth. Well this time his wife Michelle is going to …


Despite the attacks in Paris, this is what Obama is importing to America. Where is it written that America must admit immigrants from nations identified by the United Nations? Yet, that is where Obama is taking his marching orders from. Why? Please take note of the following: