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{Busy Times Ahead}

Outdoor play kitchen. This would be a great opportunity to practice transferring skills. Transferring water from jars to glasses or using spoons and bowls. It will be a perfect introduction to quantity and estimation as well as the notion of "0" (nothing), children love this kind of activities!!


bottles Pic is from and has no instructions but pretty simple Using jute/twine wrap around your bottles (I would use a little craft glue where your going to wrap the twine) add old chains and jewelry to them. fun to go thrift store shopping for old necklaces and more to decorate these With these your only limited by your imagination


What Everyone Should Know Before Buying Jewelry


This table, java gel stain on top, distressed ivory on bottom. Chairs to match, seats, java gel stain, rest of chair distressed ivory. Java Gel stainis available at Woodcraft & Rockler stores- use General Finishes store locator at


Buy 2 champagne flutes or wine glasses (mine are from the dollar store). Buy decorative sand and a bottle of modge podge from craft store. Make sure glasses are clean and dry: apply modge podge with a sponge brush where you want sand to be. Sprinkle sand on top of modge podge and let dry. Apply one more coat of modge podge on top of dried sand to keep it in place and give it shine. Hot glue gun starfish, sand dollars or seashells wher you want on the glass. Makes a great wedding gift!


✯ Playa de Masca - Tenerife, Canary Islands is breathtaking. Visited here when my son played bball for Spain.