Where was mash filmed

"M*A*S*H" TV show (1982 photo)...my dad was in Korea during the rebuild time after the Korean War. He loved this tv show and so did we.

M*A*S*H: 1972 - 1983 One of the most beloved television series of all time. A phenomenal show that was very groundbreaking for its time. Many of the best shows of today owe a lot of credit to this program.

M*A*S*H, Hawkeye Pierce...one of the many actors that made this show so bearable to watch, opening my eyes to war life

One of my favorite MASH speeches (I will not carry a gun). I Hawkeye

I can hear them, in his voice, just as he said them in each episode he said them in! I love this show <3

Sherman Potter - Potterisms from MASH M*A*S*H*, I remember R and I would watch MASH after school, just before dad got home for dinner.

Reign 1x18 Bash ( Torrance Coombs )and Francis ( Toby Regbo ) •That's also why i support Mash❤️ / Pinterest-> @leooonitaa

Reign Bash ( Torrance Coombs )and Francis ( Toby Regbo )

this was one of my favorite shows growing up. little did i know that it would influence my career choice in the future.

Made this for mashed potatoes at my work's thanksgiving lunch.

TV Themes ~ MASH, Theme of late / early TV -- taken from the movie, the theme's actual title is "Suicide is Painless". (Watched the original movie recently.didn't really stand up to time. The TV show was much much better.

Map from artist Brian Miller with All the L.A. Locations Where 'La La Land' Was Filmed From Fandango

Fandango takes you to all the real life LA locations of