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White Chicks- just watched this with my friend. haha oh my god I died from laughter! *crying

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I know I am not that big but I feel like I can totally relate to this quote from White Chicks. I feel like I can find all the imperfections about myself even if they are not that drastic.

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White Chicks: Are you telling me that you are not -?! Yeah, I'm not a woman. White?! Oh, the deception! The betrayal! Calm down, man. I'm an FBI agent. I was undecover ... Negro, please!

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The 16 Best '90s Slang Insults We All Need To Start Using Again

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From one of my favorite movies, White Chicks. It makes me laugh every time.

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Hilarious movie.... White Chicks!! I am thinking of my friend Amy and wondering just how many times we watched this movie. It never gets old....LOL

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