White collar kate

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Vintage Collar. 40s / 50s Crochet White Collar. Lace Collar. Crochet Statement Necklace. via Etsy

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This scene was so sad I was crying and then kate got blew up in the plane so j started celebrating and laughing for a second cuz I hate Kate and then I saw Neal I paused it when he was like flying though the air with the explosion behind him and then I started crying again

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Love Peters face. And I love that Neal says these things because he KNOWS Peter is listening but unable to retaliate. <3

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Obviously because both of them are almost equally good looking. Almost. No one can beat Matt Bomer. No one.

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Matt Bomer- Awww I love him so much and he looks so cute even when he is sad. I just want to hug him right now!!

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.. season 1 finale "white collar"- when the plane that Kate was on explodes before Neal's eyes

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