This infuriates me!!! White Christians will get mad if you display "black Jesus" because you're erasing his actual race in order for you to relate to it more. When they're doing the exact same thing!!!! They think Jesus was a good person, therefore he must be white because they can't relate to people of color. It's one of the most blunt examples of white privilege I can think of and it makes me sick!!

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So if this is known in Russia, and The Black Madonna & child is worshipped WORLDWIDE, then why only in Amerikkka you're only told about "white Jesus" who is actually Cesar Borgia? (One for the preachers to answer)

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And in those "free" years, we've had redlining and sub prime mortgages and mass incarceration.

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While we preach "White Jesus", this is who we worship in secret. The BLACK MADONNA. Known all over the world, but NEVER talked about in the USA. Hmmm

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The REAL question is: "Who were they worshiping before they were introduced to "White Jesus?" Hmmmm

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