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White Magic

Spirit quartz has many terminated crystals all over, this one in a snow white it is used to dispel negativity, spirit release, ascension and guidance, dream-states, They are only found in a region of South Africa. Although it may look like amethyst, its crystalline structure is different from amethysts because of the druzys covering the crystal


What Type Of Witch Would You Be?

Sea Witch Sea witches were believed to be able to control many aspects of nature relating to water, most commonly an ocean or sea. They specialized in water based magic and worshiped Sea Gods & Goddesses.


Marchesa Notte Pre Fall 2017 Collection


modern healers (or white witch): Young girls with strong magic & the will of the good thrumming through their veins. Healers, or white witches, use their powers with the best of intentions. Herbs, potions, & remedies litter their desks & clutter their shelves. They spend their days tending their herb gardens, crafting flower crowns imbued with kind thoughts, brewing love potions & pain stoppers, & piecing jewelry to bring luck. There is no room for darkness in their hearts, only love…


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