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Dreamcatcher she is a spirit and watches over The Gleaming Star Pack. She is fierce, brave, kinda has a sharp mouth, always has hope, and cares for her pack. She can could see spirits when she was alive, even though she was not made a healer. But she was the alpha of the pack, (she was the first alpha). (Me)

from Society6

Dreaming about wolves Art Print

Maybe.....there's only a select few Lokskas left in the kingdom? Only known Lokskas are the king, his son, wren, Tyra, Lady Falcon & her daughter, and Lyca. Usually never men?


According to an online dream dictionary, "To see a white wolf in your dream signifies valor and victory. You have the ability to see the light even in your darkest hours." I've been dreaming of white wolves lately. Thinking something like this might make a nice 1/4 sleeve tat--maybe for my 40th?


My mouth dropped open as the wolf stood proudly in front of us. "Alls, what's up with the wolf?" Percy asked, unnerved. "That's... that's the wolf that brought me back..." I trailed off, shocked. The wolf stared at me, its eyes boring into my soul.