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How To Kill Whiteflies On Houseplants

White flies are frustrating! I get them on my Mandevilla. Tried this and it worked. I'm so happy I found these organic methods to kill whiteflies!

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Learn about Whiteflies--what they are, how to spot them, and how to protect your garden!

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12 plants that repel unwanted insects

Nasturtiums Repel whiteflies, squash bugs, aphids, many beetles and cabbage loopers. Nasturtiums could be considered the poster child for companion planting, which is growing a variety of plants close to one another for the benefits each brings to the others. Nasturtiums release an airborne chemical that repels predacious insects, protecting not just the nasturtium but other plants in the grouping. Because many of the insects nasturtiums repel favor vegetables — tomatoes, cucumbers, kale…

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Caring For Your Gardenias Plant gardenias where they will get morning sun and afternoon shade. Good air circulation is a must. Gardenias prefer moist, acid soil with good drainage & lots of organic matter. When planting, set the root-ball about 1" higher than the surrounding soil. Gently taper the soil up to the top of the exposed root-ball. Mulch. Pests (whiteflies, scales, & mealybugs). can be a problem. Control by applying a light horticultural oil to prevent sooty mold.

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For pesticide-free gardening, use our natural solutions to protect yourself and your garden! #Gardening

Natural Solutions for a Pesticide-Free Garden

For pesticide-free gardening, use our natural solutions to protect yourself and your garden! #Gardening

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6 Common Houseplant Pests—and How to Get Rid of Them

You may have a certified green thumb, but that won't keep bugs away from your plants. Follow these guidelines to identify and eliminate the most common houseplant pests.

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35+ Creative Garden Hacks & Tips That Every Gardener Should Know

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How To Kill Whiteflies On Houseplants

Pest infestations on houseplants are no fun, and dealing with whiteflies can be difficult. There are several ways to control whiteflies organically.

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