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I Opened An Etsy Shop, Now What? -

I sell on Etsy, Now what? Learn 6 things you should do as soon as you open up your shop!!

from Living for Naptime

Why you must choose a niche for your blog + How to pick one in minutes!

I see so many people make this mistake and end up scrambling to figure it out once their blog is already live! Do yourself a favor and do this one thing before starting a blog because it will impact who reads your blog and how much money you can make from it.

from Unveiled Wife

Why Should I Blog? 10 Reasons You Should Start A Blog Today

Why Should I Blog? 10 Reasons You Should Start A Blog Today --- I heard a stat recently that estimated there are over 200,000 blogs started each day. That means there is a vast number of fish in the online sea. But I don’t share that to discourage those of you who want to start a blog and have yet to do so. I mentio… Read More Here

from GrowingSlower

I did it, and you can, too: Build a Profitable Blog on an Itty Bitty Budget

A 5-step guide for busy moms who want to earn a part time income from home with blogging. I did it, and you can too! I'll show you how! Plus, I'll answer all your questions about making money blogging: How time consuming is it? How much does it cost? Where do I start to set up my blog? How can I make it a source of income?

from Real Ways to Earn

Starting a Blog

Do you want to start a professional blog? There are many people who are making full-time incomes with their blogs. You could be one of them -- here's how to start.


Do you know a little interrupter who just HAS to share their thoughts? It is really important to teach the 'Why' behind social skills and linking to what other people are thinking. I always accompany this story with some Thought & Feeling Cards so that my students can start to understand how OTHER people think about THEM.


While every person should be a feminist - many women fight the label. I wear it like a badge of honor - which it is. If that makes me a rare type of woman then so be it. Who wants to fit the status quo anyway?