I don`t ship this but Minato is funny. He thinks that Kushina is hard on himself that`s why he`s asking her to go easy on Naruto. Naruto is like Kushina and Hinata is like Minato.

Though Naruto takes after his mother in some ways he needs someone like Sakura to take care of him. And that's why narusaku really is perfect!

Ayayay papi! Hahaha<<<he should have transformed into that in the series.... at least once lol

Oh my lord and saviour freckled Jesus Marco, take the wheel.

Mini Strip: Confession by h-ozuno on DeviantArt

Naruto Mini Strip: Confession by h-ozuno on DeviantArt

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It's just too beautiful. I still want Gaara to be a teenager like me not a big grown up all married and everything and. OMG but I'd totally be a flower girl/ brides maid at this wedding and I'd cry.

NaruHina : Will You Marry Me?- I don't ship NaruHina at all but this is super cute and I can deal with it

NaruHina : Will You Marry Me?>>> I'm usually not one for this, but damn that was well doooone