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Saga XI by Inka and Niclas, 2011 (via AnOther Loves)

from Magda Biernat's Adrift (Lenscratch)

Peter Ainsworth - how arid it is / how fertile is it (Art Licks)

from The Source series - Cole Caswell, 2016

by Mikko Lagerstedt (via 123Inspiration)

from NASA's Project Apollo Archive

Micro Boom by Tom Sachs, 2015

I know there are some people who hate Shin Godzilla's design and stuff, but I love Shin Godzilla's design and how different this new Godzilla is compared to the other Godzilla incarnations. I love that Shin Godzilla is made up of microorganisms called mixotrophs, I love Shin Godzilla's purple atomic breath and how he can just shoot it out of his tail and back, I love that Shin Godzilla goes through evolutionary forms, and finally I just love Shin Godzilla itself.


"Vanuatu Milky Way" - Greg Bradley