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Who Invented Daylight Saving Time? -

Rage against the dying of the sunlight. I don't know who invented Daylight Saving Time, but it seems like a pretty bad idea to me....

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PHOTOS: The Man Who Invented Daylight Savings Time

Ever wonder who invented Daylight Savings and why??? Here's an article to explain it all. Have a beautiful Sunday everyone! :)

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One Pot Chicken, Penne and Broccoli

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Always knows when it's dinnertime. Well, except during daylight savings time changes.

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One Pot Chicken, Penne and Broccoli

Hello Classy Clutter friends! Jen here, from Yummy Healthy Easy. I’m back with a quick dinner recipe that only uses one dish – One Pot Chicken, Penne & Broccoli. Yay for less dishes! So daylight savings just ended. This means that at about 4:30 it’s getting dark. Not sure who invented this daylight savings thing,...Read More »

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bandana bib

can we talk for a quick sec about how daylight savings time sucks? who invented this? how do some follow it and some not? will they ever change their mind and get rid of it? please? how else is my ...

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