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Who Was In Nwa

EZ E. "Now i'm f*ckin' all your friends cuz you ran your mouth like i knew you would". The first time i heard that song i sat there stunned-like who in the hell would be such a flagrant cold hearted bastard to write a song like that? It's one of those things that not many men have the balls to come out and say without a f*ck given. I liked him for it. I liked him alot for it and i still do.

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BYE Felicia funny sweatshirt | Christmas Gift | Friday

Bye Felicia #funny sweatshirt @lyndsiejennings


The Gullah are Afro- Americans living IN Lowcountry region of South Carolina and Georgia , which includes SIA Coast plain nan ak jan izole the Beaufort Sea . ( Gullah yo if Ameriken Nwa ki ap viv nan nan South Carolina Lowcountry rejyon an ak Georgia, ki January ladan Tou de Plenn lan bò lanmè ak Beaufort Lanmè Zile . Http:// history.stml )


With the late Eazy E. Two old school rappers who actually collaborated with Bone Thugz n Harmony, while they were alive-- not remixed

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Pea Ridge National Military Park

Garfield, AR - On March 7-8, 1862, 26,000 soldiers fought here to decide the fate of Missouri and the West. The 4,300 acre Pea Ridge National Military Park honors those who fought for their beliefs. Pea Ridge was one of the most pivotal Civil War battles and is the most intact Civil War battlefield in the United States.


"Honoring Those Who Serve" -Size 13 cute glass beads on brain tan buck skin. Lauren Good Day Woman Giago (Arikara, Hidatsa, Blackfeet and Plains Cree)