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I don't love you to "split the bills" or to have my back rubbed at night. I love you BECAUSE you're willing to and want to do those things. You want to share life and you're making more effort than ever. I'm proud of you for that...i love rolling over and night and finding you reaching for me back. I love the random messages I get from you in an effort to spend time virtually with me...when you drive across town to spend my lunch with me. Its all about effort and desires to be together. I'm…


You ask me why I love you so much? That question is not so easy for me to explain. I love you because you are you, a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul. And I realize that even when you're upset with me and you only do the crazy things that you do because you love me. How can you not love someone who loved you just as much :) no one loves like we do - yes it's crazy, but it's ours, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Have I told you every reason why I love you? No. I have told you many reasons, but not every reason. I hope you understand that some things need to be whispered in your ear....2323.

40 Love Quotes For Only The Most Passionate Of Lovers

The reason why I like you? There is no reason. There should be no reason. If you love someone because of a reason, when that reason is gone, your heart will change too. I like you without a reason. I like you because you are you.