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Symbols depending how far we want to go with this theme #Metaphors #ShittingMetaphors #StuckOnAllTheMetaphorsInRandJ

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Some have the idea that to practice magic, you have to be particularly talented, or have spent decades honing the craft. In truth, magic is a lot like water. We all have it, but we must spend time purifying it. That said, sigils are an easy way for magic to be practiced, even for the most mundane of us.

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Witchcraft Symbols And Their Meanings | Set of the Wiccan symbols | Stock Vector © Viacheslav Belyaev ...

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Wiccan Symbols

Wiccan Witchcraft Spells | shorthand for your grimoire. Most of the symbols here are from Scott ...

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Celtic Ogham Few Information.

Natural symbols: These symbols have been used for many years by tribes and bush folk. They represent all different natural symbols.Strong strokes and colors help communicate the meaning of each symbol. Also shapes are a big influence as well to compose balance and meaning.