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Inistioge Bridge, County Kilkenny, Ireland Inistioge is a small scenic village in County Kilkenny, Ireland. It is situated on the River Nore, 25 kilometres (16 mi) southeast of Kilkenny. Historically, the name has been spelt as Ennistioge, Ennisteage, and in other ways. Inistioge has been the scene for a number of films, most notably Circle of Friends and Widows' Peak.


'Widows Peak' (1994) British/ Irish film. Edwina has just moved into the neighborhood known as "Widows' Peak," so called due to the prevalent marital status of the residents, who tend to be a rather exclusive bunch.The residents are all curious about their new neighbor, but no one can seem to get much information about her, including queen bee Mrs. DC,whose son is busy wooing Edwina.Miss O'Hare & Edwina have an immediate dislike for each other & soon some "accidental" encounters begin to…


Masriera Tiara of Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain. It was a gift to her from the people of Catalonia made by art nouveau master jewelers Masriera of Barcelona.


Empress Josephine's coronation diadem of silver and gold set with 1,040 diamonds, 1804. Given by Napoleon to Josephine especially for their coronation, the diadem is still in its original articulated mounting, its graceful widow's-peak shape designed to complement the simple Grecian coiffure favored by the empress. Van Cleef and Arpels, New York.


7 Great Hairstyles for Men with a Widows Peak

Men with a widows peak often have trouble finding a balanced hairstyle that suits their unique hair line. Below are great looking hairstyles for men wit