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Gothically yours....: Bangs: what's your favorite?

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Masriera Tiara of Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain. It was a gift to her from the people of Catalonia made by art nouveau master jewelers Masriera of Barcelona.

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7 Great Hairstyles for Men with a Widows Peak

Men with a widows peak often have trouble finding a balanced hairstyle that suits their unique hair line. Below are great looking hairstyles for men wit

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Virgoan Widow's Peak | Virgo's Known For Having Widow's Peak Hairlines | Zodiac | Astrology

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Ciara Septum Piercing Stretched Ears V Bangs Chimera

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Axel-Lea Widow's Peak Tutorial by on @deviantART

Axel-Lea Widow's Peak Tutorial by on @deviantART

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