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Wild Birds Unlimited | Bird Food, Bird Seed, Bird Feeder, Birdhouse, Bird Bath, hummingbirds

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Chickadees love peanuts! This will accommodate all of your nut-eating birds, such as chickadees, woodpeckers and nuthatches.

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Wild Birds Unlimited. I really like how the product is seen through the wings of the birds.

Student Spotlight: Wild Birds Unlimited

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When most people think of providing water to birds, they think of a bird bath. Birds are attracted to the sound of moving water. Attaching a dripper or mister to your bird bath provides a source of moving water which backyard birds find irresistible! Many birds such as chickadees, finches and titmice will land on the dripper spout and creep down to the end and lean over to take a drink!

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My nearly completed "Advanced Pole System"- all but some of the feeders are from Wild Birds Unlimited. I bought the pieces separately to customize it, but a basic setup (1 48" base pole w. auger, 1 48" extension pole, stabilizer, double crook arm and chickadee finial) is $76.99. Of course, I added a bunch of other things :)

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