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The common cattail (typha latifolia) is one of the first of the wild edible plants that all hikers should familiarize themselves with. It not only has several edible parts, but there is some part of the plant that can be harvested for food during any season. In addition, it has other uses as well.

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.Queen Anne's Lace.....easy to grow around the yard....invasive I've been told, but oh so pretty. I love the 'birds nests' they make as the seed heads mature....b

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Clathrus archerii - commonly known as Octopus Stinkhorn, is indigenous to Australia and Tasmania and an introduced species in Europe, North America and Asia. The young fungus erupts from a suberumpent egg by forming into four to seven elongated slender arms initially erect and attached at the top. The arms then unfold to reveal a pinkish-red interior covered with a dark-olive spore-containing gleba. In maturity it smells of putrid flesh.

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Here Are 22 Animals You Didn't Know Exist. A Couple Will Haunt My Dreams But #19 Is My New Favorite.

The markhor is a large species of wild goat that is found in northeastern Afghanistan and Pakistan. The species is classed by the IUCN a...

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Chapter 10: "Only when they reach maturity (around two years old) are wolves able to pay sufficient attention to understand and follow a human's pointing gesture. 'They are on a different developmental path from dogs,'" said Friederike Range from the Wolf Science Center in Ernstbrunn, Austria.

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Markhor, a large species of wild goat, found in Afghanistan and Pakistan; classified as endagered species by IUCN, only 2,500 mature markhors known in existence.

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Native american wild rice salad~~technically not really a salad, but a great side dish, or maybe even a meal for some.

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