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General Thought About War

This quote, while true, is pretty sad. A soldier is a pawn, and so is the guy shooting at him. They both probably will have families at home, and maybe children and even grandchildren. (Like my brother.) It's a bleak thing for a pawn to kill another pawn, when all either of them are doing is following orders. Greed, religion, prejudice, etc. are great at starting wars, but terrible for stopping them. Only the will to stop it will have any effect at all.


9 Badass Quotes By Famous People

George S Patton quote - though i may walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil, for i am the meanest mother effer in the valley


Tough break for Captain Weaver in the last episode (Young Bloods) of Falling Skies. What a great character for Will Patton to play...conflicted in so many ways.